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Melanie Farris

The Blue Gem

The Blue Gem

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  • 12x12"
  • Acrylic on wood
  • Signed & ready to hang
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In "The Blue Gem," I encapsulate the elusive wonder of the Aristarchus crater, a mysterious lunar feature marked by fleeting blue lights. The central icosidodecahedron symbolizes the crater's dome-like structure within the crater, while the encompassing golden patterns reflect its intricate and enigmatic nature.

This painting invites contemplation, not just of the crater's physical beauty, but of the captivating, unexplained phenomena that adorn its surface.
The piece serves as a microcosm of the curiosity that the Moon ignites in us, with the Aristarchus crater's sporadic blue illuminations standing as beacons of the unknown. It is a celebration of our celestial neighbor, an invitation to embrace the wonders beyond our world and the perpetual allure of mysteries unsolved.

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