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Melanie Farris

Nascent Passage

Nascent Passage

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  • 22x28"
  • Acrylic & color shift paint on canvas
  • The color shift section shifts from emerald green, to sapphire blue to deep purple as you move around the painting. You can find a video of this effect on my instagram here. 
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"Nascent Passage" speaks to the birth of a transformative journey. The title echoes the initial emergence of a pathway, an opening to a new realm or state of being. The temples, symmetrically poised, harbor the golden ratio seed of life—a pattern embodying the mathematical harmony found in nature, suggesting a universal blueprint for growth and evolution. This core generator, pulsating with potential, gives life to the central portal, which is more than a mere opening; it's a dynamic, living threshold. The color-shifting heart of the portal represents the ever-changing perspective of the observer, symbolizing how reality shifts with our perception. This painting is an ode to the infinite possibilities that lie in moments of beginning, viewed through the lens of sacred geometry and the transformative power of color.

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