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Melanie Farris



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  • 24 x 30"
  • Acrylic on canvas 
  • 2023
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"Equilibrium" represents my artistic pilgrimage into the heart of symmetry and spirituality, a canvas where I have meticulously laid out the Sri Yantra using nothing but a compass and ruler. This process, steeped in the ritual of sacred geometry, is as much an act of devotion as it is of creation. Each line and curve drawn analogously is a quiet rebellion against the digital tide, a testament to the timeless human touch in art.

The contrasting digital patterns that border the Yantra symbolize the intricate web of our modern existence—complex, interconnected, yet always leading back to the central point of balance. The use of stark black juxtaposed with the purity of gold and white guides the observer to a meditative state, just as the act of creating the Yantra did for me. The deliberate simplicity of tools underscores a fundamental harmony between the ancient and the contemporary.

Through "Equilibrium," I aspire to evoke a sense of stillness and contemplation. It is a visual ode to the delicate dance of chaos and order, an invitation for viewers to reflect upon the ubiquitous balance that underlies the turbulence of daily life. This piece is not only a reflection of my own search for balance but an offering that suggests equilibrium is always within reach, crafted by hand, and resonant with intention. 

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