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Melanie Farris

Emerald Tablet

Emerald Tablet

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  • 12 x 16" 
  • Acrylic on wood 
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The "Emerald Tablet" evokes the mystique and profundity of its namesake, an ancient alchemical text believed to reveal the secret of the prima materia and its transmutation. Found in Turkey, this legendary tablet’s message, "As above, so below," resonates through the painting’s design, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the universe. Central to this artwork is the "Golden Seed of Life," a geometric motif that symbolizes the fundamental aspect of existence, a core from which life’s complexity and beauty emanate. Surrounding this are temple-like structures, meticulously arranged to suggest a sanctuary of thought and meditation, a space where the spiritual and the material converge. This painting is an invitation to explore the layers of meaning inherent in ancient wisdom, translated into the visual language of geometry and color.

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